NY Sports Dog: The Mets New Weapon: Citi Field

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Mets New Weapon: Citi Field

The Mets are rolling at home to the tune of an NL East best 12-7 home record.

Compare that to their rivals:

  • Mets: 12-7
  • Phils: 8-10
  • Fla: 6-7
  • Atl: 5-9
  • Wash: 5-7
This is a positive sign, and a carryover from last year when the Mets dominated at home, finishing with a 48-33 record.

So are the Mets comfortable in their new digs? Not quite yet.

We've seen some issues with twilight fielding, some strange caroms, and everyone seems frustrated by the lack of foul territory, especially behind home plate.

That said, the Mets have a huge advantage here due to the structure of the lineup and the strength of the defense at 3B, SS and CF.

Another positive is the great vibe at Citi Field. The fans are very close to the action, and the crowd noise seems louder with each passing game.

The last part of the advantage is the pitching staff. With the huge outfield it seems as if the Mets starters are throwing more and more fastballs--challenging the hitters.

We've seen the starters go on quite a roll at home.

Mike Pelfrey's era is a full run better at home. John Maine's era is 1.6 runs better at home.

As a team, the Mets pitchers have a stunning 3.24 era at home, compared to a 4.89 era on the road.

Toss in the fact that it is a comfortable stadium for viewers, the food is magnificent, and the quirky moments have come (Baba Booey anyone? or even the Citi Field streak from the 'Ropolitans?) and we have the makings of what should prove to be a great relationship with the new digs.

So while most fans are not quite "there" yet on Citi Field, it is growing on us.
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Anonymous said...

It's growing on me too. Very nice place to watch a game, but I wish there was more Mets stuff in the walking areas.

DyHrdMET said...

the lack of mets stuff is a sore spot. almost criminal. take a look at the mets.com/shea auction site. i called it treason on my blog today.

Dave Singer said...

Yeah, I saw that on your blog (Remembering Shea for those that haven't seen it)...I think you're spot on.

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