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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The "Package" For An SP

We could spend countless hours debating which SP the Mets ought to go after for a trade before the July deadline, but that's not the point here.

What the Mets have to do is put together the best 4 prospect package they can in order to get a seasoned star SP that will hold down the SP4 for 3-4 years.

Again, before I shock you with my suggestions, we're talking a star pitcher a la Scott Kazmir, Derrick Lowe, or A.J. Burnett. Imagine this year's Mets with one of them backing up Santana.

That being said, the demaind will be for top prospects:


Not many. 3B Wilmer Flores and SP Brad Holt would be the only two in my book

Prospect in trade No. 1:

Simply... OF Fernando Martinez - two years ago, the Mets had 3 good OF prospects... one went in the Santana deal, and the other got the Mets Church and Scheider... every team that has a pitcher the Mets could use will demand this guy, and I see no reason to protect him. Remember... a star SP2 for 3-4 years...

Prospect in trade No. 2/3:

Gotta give back pitchers... I got two that have no room in the Mets future rotation... SP Dillon Gee and SP Jenry Mejia... if the Mets secure an SP2, like Jake Peavey, for 3/4 years, that means the rotation would be: Santana, Peavey, Maine, Pelfrey, and Livan... Niese would be next followed by Holt... and there wouldn't ve another open slot until sometime in 2011... don't need either of these guys, and Mejia could be the trump card.

Prospect in trade #4:

1B/OF/DH Nick Evans - Evans will never show the consistency the Mets need at first. Throw him in the deal so he gets a new lease on life.



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