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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let It Rain?

Normally I'm the type of fan that hates rainouts....loathe them with a passion.

But with rain in the forecast for the next few days, and a plethora of injuries that are swinging precariously between DL or "a few more days of rest", I say Let It Rain!

Carlos Beltran is going for an MRI today...best case is they find nothing structurally and a few days off (thanks to our friend the rain), gets him back to 100%...Let It Rain.

Jose Reyes' balky calf is still sore, and he could either be back by Friday, or head to the DL...my guess is he comes back Friday, so for now...Let It Rain.

Ryan Church's MRI came back negative, and he is getting treatment for his sore hamstring...a few more days should have him back at 100%...Let It Rain.

Frankie Rodriguez came back from his back spasms to record his 13th save last night, but he admitted to a little soreness...it sure would be nice to give him a 3 day rest...Let It Rain.

Gary Sheffield is playing every day now, and at his age he should be more of a play 2 days, sit a day or two, kind of player...we need to keep him fresh for later in the season...Let It Rain.

A few more days off also gets us nearer to being a more complete club...Cora, Schneider, Ollie, Delgado...whether you love or hate any or all of these guys, we're better with a full deck of cards to deal with.

So yes, I hate a rainout, but sometimes, only sometimes, they can work to a team's advantage.

Let It Rain.

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Anonymous said...

I would normally agree with you but we are playing mthe Nationals. Could there ever be a better time to play them than when we have a depleted squad.

So, if it doesn't rain, we will still be at least the equals of the competition.

Dave Singer said...

Great point, and believe me, that comes into the equation.

That said, a few days off now could pay big dividends in the race for the pennant...one game could mean everything.

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