NY Sports Dog: Frankie Rodriguez: 503 ERA+

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Frankie Rodriguez: 503 ERA+

Of all the strange twists and turns the early season has taken, one thing is for certain--Frankie Rodriguez is one hell of a reliever.

His current ERA+ is 503...that is a stunning statistic, especially as we're now more than 25% of the way through the season.

Last year the setup men and closing staff were a weakness, this year the closer is a strength...a huge strength.

Bottom line for this Mets team is that they are still right there to take the NL East and perhaps more. The injury bug has hit, but it may be a blessing in disguise that it hit early, and remember that the team is 22-19 and just 1.5 games back.

Regardless, watching Frankie come in and pitch the 9th is a pure joy. You did good here Omar.

I may even learn to love the celebrations....maybe.

2009 Season Stats
Last 7 days2002.0000001001000.000.00
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MetsLifer said...

Love this guy!

Anonymous said...

Great topic. As usual Mets bashers were wrong about this guy.

Anonymous said...

I am an Angel fan and miss Frankie so much. I will follow him as much as possible and hope he makes the Mets proud as he did many of the Angels fans. For anyone to dish him or his behavior on the mound, go get a life. This is Frankie and if he thanks God or his Grandfather or whomever, that is his right and business. No one ever says anything of other players when they make the "sign of the cross" or kiss a medal up to the Lord or constantly "re-adjust their leggings, wrist bands or "scratch" - give my Frankie a break - let him do his job - he will make you proud. Fans should applaud their players, give them support - NOT boo them! I am embarrassed by poor fans - if you can't support, stay home! Frankie, I miss you here in Anaheim - God's Blessings to you always wherever you are!

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