NY Sports Dog: How Good is the Citi Field Fan Experience?

Friday, May 29, 2009

How Good is the Citi Field Fan Experience?

Taking the family up to Citi Field tomorrow for our first "Citi Field Experience".

Can't wait to see the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.

Excited to sample all the food.

Looking forward to the extra-width of the seats and the legroom.

It's also nice that there is a stellar pitching matchup.

So how has the Citi Field experience been for you?

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Anonymous said...

The food is the best of any stadium and it's not all that expensive.

Where are you sitting?

kranepool society said...

Dave, Get there early and go to the centerfield food court. Get what ever food you desire (Tacos are great as is Shake Shack burger but a must for me are Box Frites with the smoky bacon dipping sauce) then take it down one level to that tables that are next to the visiting bullpen. You can take a picture with the Shea HR Apple there as well.

The Jackie Robinson Rotunda is a picture spot as well espically by the big 42.

If the butgers tacos are not your deal check out the Worlds Fare food court where they have Mama's of Corona there is also a Mama's on the Pavillion level.

Like a I said go ealry and walk around the lower level as you can stop and watch BP and I think they hace relaxed the rules about going down by the dugouts to watch BP as well.

You won't be disapointed it's a great place have fun and enjoy!

Dave Singer said...

Thanks a bunch...we're ultra-excited...hope to get there around 11:00.

DyHrdMET said...

I don't want to sour you with the bad until you've had a chance to see for yourself. Try the ribs at Blue Smoke, under the Shea scoreboard skyline - worth $10 for concession food. you might be best off avoiding the lines by eating before noon. the Shea Stadium base markings are off the LF side in the parking lot (I wrote out directions in my blog a few weeks ago) - see if it lines up with what you expect. And the "Mets Museum" is down behind the bullpens and bridge in right-center field.

and remember what we learned today on MetsGrrl.com - no open water bottles allowed inside.

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