NY Sports Dog: David Wright--Is He Setting a Record?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

David Wright--Is He Setting a Record?

What a difference a few weeks make.

David Wright came into the season with some issues with his batting stance. I documented them here, and again here, and finally here.

In April DW had 27 Ks and 12 Walks.
In May he's had 14 Ks and 16 walks.

But it gets better....much better.

In David Wright's last 8 games he's walked 11 times and struck out 3 times.

That's correct, 11 walks in his last 8 games.

He's also driven in 11 runs during those 8 games and had an astounding 15 hits in 25 at bats.

I don't have access to every record, but it occurred to me that this just might be the greatest 8 game stretch of getting on base in major league history.

Think about it:

15 hits in 25 at-bats with 11 walks?

For the month of May DW is hitting .457 with an OBP of .557 and an OPS of 1.271.

OK stat heads--hop to it...I really want to know if this 8 game OBP streak has ever been bested.

On base 26 times in 36 plate appearances...has to be a record or close to it.

May 14@SFW 7-431300022040.417.508.925.331
May 15@SFW 8-651310040210.423.519.942.341
May 16@SFW 9-651310030000.429.529.958.350
May 17@SFL 2-020100002101.436.528.964.352
May 18@LADL 3-231220002000.447.545.992.359
May 19@LADL 5-321100012000.454.544.998.361
May 20@LADL 2-120100002000.461.5441.005.362
May 22@BOSW 5-330100011000.462.5391.001.362
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