NY Sports Dog: Hip, Hip, Jose!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hip, Hip, Jose!

As I sit here this morning reading some of the great Mets writing, I came across this video from the NY Post of Jose Reyes getting interviewed yesterday.

That led to some thinking about all of the fun and excitement this man has brought to us over the years.

I remember him as a 19-year old skinny teenager with blinding speed and limited English speaking ability.

Now you see him, calmly getting interviewed, answering clearly, with thoughtful responses. His dugout demeanor, while still high energy, seems more about his pleasure at seeing his teammates do well than anything else.

His on field demeanor has changed too. Yes, you could tell he was upset during this last slump, but there was no pouting, but rather a hardened determination to do everything in his power to get on a roll to help his team.

Jose Reyes is a superstar....we should thank our lucky stars for every day he wears a Met uniform...he is a talent unlike any we've ever had here, and if we're lucky, he'll remain a Met for life.

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