NY Sports Dog: In Search of An SP v3.0

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In Search of An SP v3.0

Okay, let's continue the process.

So far, we have targets the following players for a possible ASG break trade:

Cliff Lee - Cleveland Indians

Adam Eaton - Baltimore Orioles

Next up... the hapless Rockies:


Jason Marquis – 30-yrs old – 4-1, 3.31 – 2009: 9.875mil – 2010: free agent

Jorge De La Rosa – 28-yrs. old – 0-2, 3.90 – 1 yr., 2mil

Ubaldo Jimenez – 25-yrs old – 1-4, 6.58 – 2009-2012: 4yrs-10mil

Aaron Cook – 30-yrs. old – 1-1, 7.11 – 2009-11: 3yrs-30mil

Franklin Morales – 23-yrs old – 1-0, 3.38 – 1 yr., 402K

Neither Jimenez or Cook’s contract is worth eating, not when you have a tasty free-agent morsel out there like Jason Marquis… RHP… been around… you know how Omar loves ex-1st rounders… 83-71, 4.52 over ten seasons…


Berger said...

These SP writeups are excllent.

Marquis is a maybe.

Do you think anything will happen before July?

Mack said...



These things take time and no team wants to deal off a "player" too early, sending the wrong signs to their fans, even though they know they suck... that's the way it works...

No, the Mets must struggle through the first half of the season...


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