NY Sports Dog: I'm Putting Jerry Manuel on Notice

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm Putting Jerry Manuel on Notice

Do better!

Stop throwing away games, jerking the lineup in nine million awful directions, pulling your starters early, using relievers at the wrong time, and giving away outs with your "small ball" mentality.

I already told you once you have it wrong on small ball...next time listen!

Ya know what is the most precious commodity in baseball Jerry? An out. You never give one away unless you absolutely have to.

You certainly don't give one away in a game in which you have no pitchers or hitters left...you don't play for the tie there, you play for the damn win.

Reyes on second base with no outs is an easy call...he can get to third base in 12 different ways with Castillo at the plate, and Luis might have scored him with a hit.

But no, you give away an out and any chance for Luis to plate Reyes with a ridiculous bunt call.

Did Beltran fail? Yes he did. But so did you, and you have been doing so with regularity.

Jerry, I have you on notice--you are making way too many bad decisions lately, and I honestly don't know what is going on in your head.

Take a listen to this clip from Wally Backman and get your shit together.

Gangster, my ass.

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kranepool society said...

I'm getting tired of the different line ups every day my self Dave. With Delgado looking like a DL candidate maybe it's time to let Sheffield play LF everyday to see if he's worth keeping around and Church in RF and let Murphy and Tatis share 1B

By the way I'm thinking of playing that BAckman clip before my game Saturday for my 13 yr olds

Dave Singer said...

Steve, the thought of you channeling your inner Backman for that kids game is finally making me smile today.

I want Church in RF every day, except against certain lefty's.

Leave Titties at 1B, and let Sheff and Murphy play left, with Sheff getting right against the lefty's Church will struggle with.

Just get a lineup, and a plan, together and go with it.

DyHrdMET said...

while the change you desire may not happen until the offseason, I think it's a change that should be made. make a clean break with the minds who created the mess of the past few seasons, and get a firery person like Wally Backman on board. But since the Mets don't embrace their history, would they consider him? could you imagine a club that has Wally, Doc, Straw, Keith, Ronnie, and Bobby O all back with the Mets in one way or another?

Dave Singer said...


Outstanding...though probably a zero percent chance.

I actually really like the make up of this team--which is why these moves are so frustrating.

James K. said...

I love Backman's fire Dave, but I think he would call or the bunt even more often than Jerry would!

I'll second the motion to put Jerry on notice.

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