NY Sports Dog: Bad Jerry Manuel Decision #72

Friday, May 29, 2009

Bad Jerry Manuel Decision #72

Murph gets 5 RBIs on Wednesday.

Jerry sits Murph the next game.


Yeah, Sean West is a lefty, so let's see...

Murph happens to be hitting .313 against lefty's this year and .346 against lefty's in his brief big league career (26 ABs total against lefty's).

Fernando Tatis is hitting .241 against lefty's this year.

Tonight's lineup:

Pagan, rf
Castillo, 2b
Beltran, cf
Sheffield, lf
Wright, 3b
Tatis, 1b
Santos, c
R. Martinez, ss
Pelfrey, rhp

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peter said...

Lineups are posted for tonights game already? How do you know that Murphy is sitting ?

Dave Singer said...

Jerry said it after Wednesday's game.

DyHrdMET said...

What I have failed to understand since Murphy was named the "everyday" first baseman, why is it a platoon situation, such as tonight's lineups (which are on Metsblog.com already), or if it is, and maybe I heard wrong when Murphy was moved from LF, why aren't they platooning between 2 real first basemen (counting Murphy as one of them for the sake of this argument)? If you have Murphy still sitting out, then you have a hole at first with Tatis there.

Dave Singer said...

I agree...let Murphy have first every day until Delgado gets back...just leave him there.

Hey dude...I just added your site to the "My Friends are Reporting" section.

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