NY Sports Dog: Ian Snell Says Mets had Pirates Signs

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ian Snell Says Mets had Pirates Signs


"They hit some good pitches. I found out later they had our signs," said Snell, who lost for the fifth time in seven starts.

"That's baseball -- there's nothing wrong with it."Snell said he thinks David Wright may have had the signs when he fouled off a couple of good pitches in the fourth inning, when New York scored three times to take a 3-2 lead.

"Like he was expecting them," Snell said.
I personally think it's an excuse, especially as the Mets didn't hit Snell all that well until they'd been through the order. Then again, he doesn't sound particularly upset by it all, which makes his comments even more peculiar.

The full recap can be found here.
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Anonymous said...

Shut up and pitch better Snell.

Berger said...

He should steal some control.

Anonymous said...

What a puss--two signs, fastball or slider.

Man up Ian!

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