NY Sports Dog: Hypochondriacal

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Noun (plural hy·po·chon·dri·acs [ hypəkən dri ək'l ])


somebody with imaginary illness: somebody who is unduly preoccupied with personal health and believes that illness is nearly always present or imminent


1. believing in nonexistent illness: excessively preoccupied with health and persistently believing in a nonexistent illness, or relating to the attitudes or state of mind of somebody with this condition

2. anatomy of hypochondrium: relating to, involving, or typical of the hypochondrium

I was just glancing through MetsBlog and read about the latest installment of "What in the world, is wrong with JJ".

Matt Cerrone writes:

Last week, on WFAN, Putz said he is having a difficult time finding adrenaline pitching in the eighth inning, instead of the ninth, then missed two games with a bone spur in his right elbow, which he told reporters has not been issue since receiving an anti-inflammatory shot.

Last night, Putz told reporters he is now dealing with a stiff neck, which he described as a ‘nagging thing,’ according at the Daily News.

…whatever it is, whether adrenaline, his elbow, his neck, whatever, something is off, and has not been right for a while

In his last seven outings, Putz has allowed 10 hits and walked six batters in seven innings pitched, during which four runs scored.

It just keep getting better.

Thank God for off days.

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