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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Carlos Delgado is a HoF'er

I was having a chat with some friends of mine about Carlos Delgado and his chances at the Hall of Fame.

He's going to make it.

Let's look at other first baseman peers that have similar OPS+ as Delgado:

Frank Thomas- 156
Jeff Bagwell- 149
Jim Thome- 147
Jason Giambi- 145
Todd Helton- 141
Will Clark- 137
Fred McGriff- 134
Don Mattingly- 128

Pretty impressive list of players.

Now we'll take that same list and add in homeruns and RBIs:

Thomas- 156, 521, 1,704
Bagwell- 149, 449, 1,529
Thome- 147, 545, 1,502
Giambi- 145, 397, 1,289
Helton- 141, 313, 1,133
DELGADO-138, 473, 1,512
Clark- 137, 284, 1,205
McGriff- 134, 493, 1,550
Mattingly- 128, 222, 1,099

OK, so let's take Mattingly and Will Clark off our list...they 'aint making it, period. Both are pretty far beneath the cut line, though Yankee fans will go into a tizzy upon reading that.

Giambalco, I mean Giambi, is not making it either...roids aside, he doesn't have the numbers.

Helton turns 36 in August, and he won't even get to 400 HRs or 1,400 RBIs when he hangs it up...that said, you can make a very good case for him because of his fantastic batting average and OBP (career .329 and .428), but the lack of big totals and the Coors Field thing tell us "no" when it comes to Cooperstown. (I am prepared to argue this)

McGriff is an interesting case, but again, he falls short of the mark.

Bagwell was a roider, but he has the numbers...I would vote him in....408 lifetime OBP and power numbers...he makes it.

So that leaves Delgado, Thome and Frank Thomas.

These guys have it...when you get to 530 HRs and have 1700 RBIs you make the HoF.

Thome will hit 550+ HRs and have about 1,600 RBIs.

Thomas has 1,700+ RBIs and a lifetime .301 batting average.

Delgado is going to finish with 530-550 HRs and 1,700+ RBIs.

So those four make it IMO: FT, Thome, Bagwell and Delgado...this presupposes Delgado has a season similar to his 2008, and then a decent finishing season or two.

If he replicates last year's numbers he goes over 500 HRs and 1,600 RBIs this year....and again, he turns 37 next month.

Carlos Delgado is a Hall of Famer.

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