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Friday, May 8, 2009

In Seach of an SP v4.0

So, using my plan, we have now targeted three starting pitchers, from hapless small market teams that might be looking to dump salary come the All-Star break:

Cliff Lee - Cleveland Indians

Adam Eaton - Baltimore Orioles

Jason Marquis - Colorado Rockies

Let's continue...

We've checked out 5 teams: Cleve, Balt., Colo, Wash, and Oakland.

Next in line, is Houston, with only 11 wins and dead last in the NL Central:

The Astros starters are:

Roy Oswalt - 0-2, 4.26 - 31-yrs old - 73mil contract thru 2010, club option 2011

Wandy Rodriquez - 2-2, 2.19 - 30-yrs old - 1yr - 2.6mil

Mike Hampton - 1-3, 4.91 - 36-yrs old - hahahahaha

Russ Ortiz - 2-1, 5.91 - turning 35 in June - 1yr - 750K

Brian Moehler - 0-2, 14.00 - 37-yrs old - 1yr - 2.3

The Astros have a 102mil payroll, so I'm not sure they qualify as a small market team; however, this ain't Boston...

Boy, it this an old squad... we can first rule out Mike Hampton for a thousand reasons... Rodriquez, ortiz, and Moeller are all operating under one year contracts, so there is nothing to save there.... that leaves the big guy, with the big contract...

A look at Oswalt... only 31-years old... lifetime 129-66... only 31-yrs old... 3.16 lifetime ERA... only 31-yrs old... okay, we can stop here... Oswalt goeson our list, though it would be quite an investment...


Dave Singer said...

I agree Mack, though Oswalt is starting on that downhill slope IMO.

Mack said...

well, for now, we're just building a list of candidates... we'll review them when I'm done...

next up... the land of Peavey...


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