NY Sports Dog: Same Procedure as SP - Looking For 1Bman

Monday, May 18, 2009

Same Procedure as SP - Looking For 1Bman

Okay, you know the drill...

shitty team... small market... dump salary... trade for prospects...

first team up...

Washington: 11 wins

1st basemen: Nick Johnson - 30 yrs old - 3 yrs/16.5mil 2007-09, 5.5mil 2009

Josh Willingham - 30 years old - 1 yr./2.95mil

Johnson's the guy, and we all know how much Manny Acta loves Mets kiddies...

Another reason Washington may do this:

they have the 60th top prospect in A+ who is a 1Bman:

Chris Marrero
Born 7/2/1988 (20 years old)

Marrero was Washington's top pick in the 2006 draft, and rated a perfect 80 on the scouting power scale, which is tremendous in someone so young. He has a knack for missing some breaking balls by a mile, but he's still very young, so give him some time to learn a little discipline. To make up for his lack of speed, the Nats have converted the onetime OF to full time first-base status, which should also let him concentrate on hitting.

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Dave Singer said...

I would do Jon Niese for Johnson in a heartbeat.

Mack said...

Dave, it will cost the Mets at least 3 prospects for a decent first baseman.

Dave Singer said...

No doubt....we could get someone like Hoffpauir if we want to overpay with Parnell.

For Huff we're probably looking at Niese and Gee, plus Evans.

All too much IMO.

Stay the course.

Mack said...

that's fine... remember.prospects will get you fired" - Steve Phillips

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