NY Sports Dog: Mets Could Target Micah Hoffpauir

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mets Could Target Micah Hoffpauir

Hoffpauir could be had, but it would most likely cost the Mets more than they want to give up--specifically, Bobby Parnell.

The Mets are rumored to be dangling Jon Niese in current "feeler talks" around the league.

The Cubs, who need another bullpen arm (they are 26th in bullpen ERA), would be excellent trade partners if the Mets are willing to deal Parnell and receive a low level minor leaguer in addition to Hoffpauir in return.

Personally, I believe the Mets should stay the course until true necessity dictates otherwise.

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MetsLifer said...

Parnell has a great arm.

The Cubs would love him, and I would hate to see him go.

Anonymous said...

Parnell has great stuff, is young, and can move into the starting rotation next year.

Too much to give up.

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