NY Sports Dog: Mea Culpa on Malo

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mea Culpa on Malo

Sorry guys, had it wrong.

Apparently there was a conflicting report, and I was 100% on the wrong side of it.

Again, my bad.


DyHrdMET said...

maybe you saw it in a dream last night?

Anonymous said...

terrible job by you in a big spot

Dave Singer said...

Agree...I swung, missed, and grabbed some pine.

It happens.

martin said...

man, this site is terrible. dont you check out your stories at all?

Dave Singer said...

No, I spend all my time thanking the good lord my folks didn't name me Martin.

MetsLifer said...

Guys like Martin are idiots.

Ignore the tool.

Dave Singer said...

I agree MetsLifer.

Martin is harmless though...harmless fool, so don't sweat it.


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