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Monday, May 11, 2009

In Search of An SP v.7.0

Well, we're down to the end of the list. As of yesterday, this was the next group to look at:

NY Yankees: 14 wins… $201 mil team salary…

No… nothing coming out of here for the Mets and, this is THE big market team…

White Sox: 14 wins… $96 mil team salary

We’re going to pass on this team… the White Sox are located in a big city market, so they have to act like a big market team. Yes, they might have a pitcher or two to sell, but we’re sticking to bottom fishing here.

Atlanta: 14 wins… $96 mil team salary…

Whether or not Atlanta is considered a big market team is sometimes debatable, but it really doesn’t matter. The Braves are not going to sell anyone to the Mets, so we pass on this team.

The rest of the teams have at least 15 wins and are either over, or flirting with, the .500 mark in wins and losses. None of these teams are going to be currently thinking about dumping good pitching, so our list, for now, is complete:

  • Jake Peavy - San Diego
  • Cliff Lee - Cleveland Indians
  • Adam Eaton - Baltimore Orioles
  • Jason Marquis - Colorado Rockies
  • Roy Oswalt - Houston Astros
  • Dan Haren - Arizona
Mack - www.macksmets.blogspot.com
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Mets4Evr said...

Sign me up for Lee.

Mack said...

my favorite is Peavey, but I'd take any of them except for Eaton.

Later on this week, we'll try and put together a 4-pack of Mets prospects that should be offerred for one of these studs.


Dave Singer said...

Outstanding work Mack!

I am 100% there with you on Peavy.

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