NY Sports Dog: Roster/Lineup for Tonight...Ouch

Friday, May 22, 2009

Roster/Lineup for Tonight...Ouch

Ramon Martinez is still on the roster...ouch.

Now the lineup...double ouch.

Jose Reyes is out for the opener of the weekend series against the Red Sox.

Murph leading off is interesting and worth a shot....I love seeing Church back to the 2 hole, though I wish Sheff was batting 5th and DW 4th.

Fernando Tatis really should start tonight at shortstop, especially given the fact that Johan is primarily a flyball and strikeout pitcher.

Ramon Martinez....oh boy. In fact the lower third of that lineup is weak by International League standards.

1) Murphy, 1B
2) Church, RF
3) Beltran, CF
4) Sheffield, DH
5) Wright, 3B
6) Reed, LF
7) Santos, C
8) Martinez, SS
9) Castillo, 2B

Santana, P

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