NY Sports Dog: Jerry "The Joke" Manuel Strikes Again

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jerry "The Joke" Manuel Strikes Again

I've really had it.

9th inning, down one, two outs, man on first....

And he lets Ramon Martinez bat against Jonathan Broxton while Gary Sheffield sits on the bench.

The same Ramon Martinez that hit .194 in 129 at bats in 2007.

The same Ramon Martinez that had 16 big league at bats in 2008 and has no business being on a major league club now.

The same Ramon Martinez that was 0h for 11 in the series when he stepped to the plate.

Now, after hitting a little dribbler to end the game, he's oh for 12.

Fire Jerry Manuel....seriously.

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Scott said...

ok...so Jerry has Sheffield hit. What happens if they tie the game 2-2 and the inning ends?

Who plays shortstop? so you move Castillo to short, murphy plays second, reed moves to first and sheff in left? Wow thats sounds great...

No, the problem is that RAMON MARTINEZ HAS NO BUSINESS BEING ON THE METS in the first place. Yes, it is a total ish storm with Reyes and Cora going down at the same time, but there should be someone better then Ramon freaking martinez to call up - that reflects on OMAR

DyHrdMET said...

some of this is dirt on Omar's hands. he should be held responsible for the complete lack of depth in the Mets system that forces them to use an alignment such as Martinez at short and Murphy at first. if Omir Santos and Ramon Castro weren't playing well, we'd be shouting the same thing at catcher (and call that lucky).

and get the Putz checked out and see if the DL is necessary for him. don't wait to do it until Billy Wagner comes back - we can't afford to hold our breath in the 8th inning for that long.

Dylan said...

Why the Met's brought up Pagan is beyond me. That makes six outfielders on the roster and none of them are injured. Bring up a better infielder!
They should have sent Martinez back down after the first game when he went 0-5 with two errors. Or maybe the second game when he went 0-4, with three strikeouts and grounded into a key double play during the 8th inning rally.
And why Livan gets taken out after seven innings and 93 pitches makes no sense to me. He was dominating.

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