NY Sports Dog: In Search Of An SP v.5.0

Saturday, May 9, 2009

In Search Of An SP v.5.0

On our list of starting pitchers that pitch for hapless small market teams and have salariesto dump are:

Cliff Lee - Cleveland Indians

Adam Eaton - Baltimore Orioles

Jason Marquis - Colorado Rockies

Roy Oswalt - Houston Astros

We will resvisit these players once the "potential" target list is established. Until then let's move on to Arizona:

Arizona: 12 wins... same division as Dodgers... fired skipper... 73mil team salary:

Dan Haren - 28-yrs old - 3-3, 1.84...

4yr, 44/75mil contract through 2012 (2013 club option)

Doug Davis - 33-yrs old - 2-4, 3.52...

in last yr. of contract - 2009: 8.75mil

Jon Garland - 29-yrs old - 3-1, 4.03...

one year - 2009: 7.25mil

Max Scherzer - 24-yrs old - 0-3, 3.38...

4-yr 4.3mil contract through 2010

Yusmeiro Petit - 24-yrs old - 0-3, 8.03...

1-yr - 475k...

Forget Scherzer and Petit... also, there's no money to save by trading Garland or Davis... that leaves the big gun that was signed in the off season. Not sure he is available, but if Arizona wants to dup SP salary, this is the guy.

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