NY Sports Dog: Nicknaming the Mets

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nicknaming the Mets

Sometimes the existing nickname works, and for others, a new one is in order:

Henry "Whitey" Blanco
"Dudley" D. Wright
Jeff "Frenchy" Francoeur
Jason "Thunder" Bay
Luis "Rickets" Castillo
Ike "Money" Davis
Jose "Jose, Jose, Jose" Reyes
Rod "Bam Bam" Barajas
Carlos "Who Dat?" Beltran
Hisanori "Mothra" Takahashi
Fernando "Emernice" Tatis
"Perpetual" Pedro Feliciano
John "Freight Train" Maine

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Coop said...

Blanco Lightning, Hot Rod Barajas, Dubs (short hand for DW), and I gotta say I like who dat!!

Dave Singer said...

Blanco lightning is good!

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