NY Sports Dog: Memo to Jerry: Fix the Lineup Now

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Memo to Jerry: Fix the Lineup Now

The Mets are in an offensive funk, and the Gods of math and baseball are shaking their heads at Jerry Manuel.

It is painfully obvious what the lineup should be, yet Jerry continues to put his special brand of craziness on it.

Here's what the lineup should be and why:

Jose Reyes
Angel Pagan
David Wright
Jason Bay
Ike Davis
Jeff Francoeur
Rod Barajas
Luis Castillo

To whit:
  • Jose Reyes has a .356 OBP with 145 SB from 2007-09, yet only a .283 OBP lifetime batting third. Jerry has him batting third.
  • Angel Pagan has a .400 OBP .900 OPS 2007-09 hitting second. Luis Castillo has a .360 OBP .666 OPS in 2010 hitting second.  Jerry has Castillo batting second and Pagan leading off.  I wrote a detailed stats piece on why Angel Pagan should bat second here.
  • David Wright has a .446 OBP .909 OPS hitting third in 2010 and .398 OBP .909 2007-09. Jerry has Wright batting fifth.
  • Jeff Francoeur has a .313 OBP and .709 OPS in the 6 hole from 2007-09, and a .268 OBP, .568 OPS hitting 7th. Jerry has Francoeur hitting seventh.
  • Rod Barajas is tied for the team lead in home runs and has an OPS 113 points higher than Luis Castillo.  Jerry has Barajas hitting eighth and Castillo second.
With Jerry's "Very special lineup" the Mets are:

19th in MLB in Runs
24th in OPS
27th in MLB in Batting Average

Jerry--fix the lineup and let math be your friend.  And one more thing--the next time you start Gary Mathews Jr you should be fired.

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Jason said...

I am completely with you on this one.

What is Jerry's obsession for batting Reyes third?

From what I read, it was to help get Jason Bay going. That has worked...

Jose's plate approach has been different and his running game is changed from the three hole.

Dave Singer said...

I know it Jason--math is not Jerry's friend.

Omar has a chance to be a savior here...cut the dead weight of Cat and GMJ, bring up Carter and Pridie, and tell Jerry that Reyes goes back to leadoff and DW back to third.

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