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Friday, May 14, 2010

An Offensive Offense

Last night was a sad continuation of the Mets offensive struggles.

While they did face a very tough starter in Josh Johnson, the Mets also had their share of scoring opportunities, and they once again failed to capitalize.

Let's take a quick look at the offensive numbers for 2010:

.236 BA with runners in scoring position
.182 BA with the bases loaded
.222 BA with runners in scoring position and 2 outs

Keith Hernandez and Gary Cohen were marveling at the Padres pitching during last night's broadcast, proclaiming the staff as the reason behind the Padre's success.  Yes, their pitching has been tremendous, but there's more.

Here's the dirty little truth--the Padres lead MLB in OBP with RISP--a robust .407.  Couple that with their .467 Slg % with RISP, AND their pitching and it's easy to see why they're winning.

For the most part the Mets pitching has been good enough for the team to be 5-6 games above .500.  Unfortunately, the Mets have a .332 OBP with RISP to go along with a putrid .366 Slg %, and they are losing the close games because of it.

After last night's game Jerry Manuel said he was going to tinker with the lineup.  That tinkering better include Reyes to leadoff and a bit of Chris Carter in rightfield.  Pagan must bat second, and Castillo needs to bat 8th.

We're all getting frustrated with the Mets lack of production and timely hitting, and Jerry can take command of this thing now and help right the ship.

It's certainly still early, and with the talent the Mets have, all can be right in the world soon.
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