NY Sports Dog: David Wright and K's: It's Gotten Ridiculous

Saturday, May 15, 2010

David Wright and K's: It's Gotten Ridiculous

Forget all of the over-analyzing, the stance, the swing, the voices inside his head, his eyesight, etc.

At this point there is only one cure for David Wright and that is himself.  Start with baby steps of just making contact each at-bat and go from there.

That appears to be what Jason Bay is attempting, and while Bay is not exactly tearing the cover off the ball, he is not flailing away as much as he had been previously either.

Moving Reyes back to leadoff and Wright back to third is a start, and the rest is up to him.

David Wright in May:

May 1@PHIL 10-030110000200.427.513.940.275
May 2@PHIL 11-541100130000.421.536.957.274
May 3@CINL 3-250200000200.420.528.948.281
May 4@CINW 5-441100110100.414.548.962.280
May 5@CINL 5-451200110201.413.571.984.286
May 7SFW 6-430100001111.416.564.980.287
May 8SFW 5-430000002301.415.548.963.279
May 9SFL 6-540000010400.400.528.928.269
May 10WASL 3-240200000100.403.527.930.277
May 11WASW 8-642320001100.417.552.969.293
May 12WASL 6-421000002100.419.542.961.288
May 13@FLAL 2-140000000200.408.525.933.279
May 14@FLAL 7-230000001200.404.512.916.272
Monthly Totals 45613303662013.365.556.921.289
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