NY Sports Dog: The Mets Have a Bad Manager

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Mets Have a Bad Manager

I'm tired of the excuses already.

You don't bat Chris Carter third.

You don't sit Jason Bay in the middle of an 11 game hitting streak when he's finally looking good at the plate.

You don't pull your #3 hitter so Gary Mathews, Jr can bunt.

Why pull Johan Santana at 104 pitches while he's cruising in a tie game?  Roy Halladay just threw 130 pitches in a close loss.

Baseball is a math game, and Jerry is not good at math.

With Luis Castillo on second and no outs, you have three chances to get hom home.

A bunt removes one of those chances.

Why do you put in a 20-year old rookie in a high leverage situation?

It's just not good...it's bad tactically, it's bad stuff, and it's been the modus operandi of Jerry since he took over.

Bunt, bunt, bunt...I want a mandate that the Mets will not bunt anymore this season...ever, not even once, I don't care what the situation.

They'd have better results than they do now.

Three pins in the Manuel Voo Doo Doll today...I've had it with him.
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Mike said...

The probability of scoring 1 run with a runner on 2nd and no outs is 60.9%. With a runner on third on one out it is 64.9%.

So, mathematically, bunting is the right move.

Anonymous said...

Unless it's the bottom of the 9th or later, maximizing the probability of scoring 1 run doesn't make it the right decision.

This doesn't even mention Jerry's propensity to save K-Rod for the save situation that never happens, instead choosing to lose games with lower-end relievers.

Angry Moose said...

Good point by anonymous. Furthermore, what is the probability of a successful sacrifice bunt? I don't know what it is but I can tell you it is less than 100%. I wouldn't be surprised if the failure rate closes the 4% gap of scoring 1 run.

Angry Moose said...

And another good thing to point out is that GMJ bunted ball 4, it was high.

Dave Singer said...

Right--had the bunt been called off, GMJ would have been in a hitting position, and not likely to swing at ball four, which was almost over his head. He would have walked.

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