NY Sports Dog: Jerry Manuel Continues to Hurt the Mets

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jerry Manuel Continues to Hurt the Mets

Last night the Mets had a chance--a real chance--to get themselves in a position to win.

Sadly, Mets manager Jerry Manuel saw to it that the team was put in the worst position to fail, and they did.

The Situation:

Top of the third, 2 outs, bases loaded, pitcher's spot up, Manny Parra on the mound, Mets down 5-2.

Jerry's Options:

On the bench are three pinch-hitting options:  Chris Carter, Fernando Tatis, and Gary Matthews, Jr

Parra is a lefty, so Chris Carter is not the best option.

Fernando Tatis is a switch hitter.  He is 1 for 2 lifetime against Parra with a double and an RBI.

Gary Matthews Jr is a switch hitter and has no history against Parra.

Narrowing It Down:

On the season Fernando Tatis is 6 for 13 with 2 walks as a pinch hitter--.462 BA, .533 OBP, .769 Slg %, 1.303 OPS

On the season GMJ is 3 for 18 with 0 walks and 10 Ks as a pinch-hitter--.167 BA, .167 OBP, .167 Slg %, .333 OPS

The Decision:

Despite all the evidence clearly pointing to Tatis, Jerry Manuel goes with GMJ, who struck out. 

It was another unfathomable decision in a season full of them.

There were other poor decisions in the game, but that was clearly the one, above all others, that Jerry could have correctly made with ease.

A titanic head-scratcher of epic proportions.

Jerry ball?
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Metsie said...

You know I have been pretty forgiving to Manuel since he has taken a ton of undeserved criticism so far but in this case I have to agree 100%.

The last guy I want to see pinch hitting when we are behind and runners in scoring position is GMJ.

We need to get rid of this guy as soon as Murphy is ready to come back and I suspect that is what is going to happen!

Dave Singer said...

Absolutely...Murph would be a much better choice at the plate, though he is a serious defensive liability.

Tom Greenhalgh said...

Great insight. I also have a blog about the Mets, and a lot of it revolves around Jerry Manuel and his puzzling decisions/demeanor. Feel free to check it out, comment, follow, etc. Keep up the good work!


Dave Singer said...

Thanks Tom...I'll add you to my link list.

Keep blogging!

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