NY Sports Dog: Is Fernando Tatis in the Doghouse?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is Fernando Tatis in the Doghouse?

Game after game we keep seeing Jerry Manuel trot out an ineffective Gary Mathews, Jr in a pinch-hitting role, and game after game we see him fail.

On the season, GMJ is a pitiful 3 for 17 as a pinch hitter, and all three hits are singles.  As a pinch hitter he is batting .176, with a .176 OBP, .176 Slg %, and .353 OPS.

The Mets best pinch hitter, Fernando Tatis, is 5 for 11, with a .455 BA, .538 OBP, .818 Slg %, and 1.357 OPS.

The difference in the two is startling, yet it's GMJ that Jerry keeps trotting out there.  In fact, GMJ has exactly twice as many pinch-hitting at bats in May than Tatis--12 to 6.

Finally, here is the stat of the century...I would like to plaster this in Jerry's office until he wakes up.

Gary Mathews, Jr RBI Opportunities:  60 Plate Appearances, 45 Runners on base, and a total of 1 RBI.

Yes my friends, out of the 45 runners on base Gary Mathews Jr has seen this year, one has scored.

I just wonder if Tatis is in the doghouse, of if Jerry is just really this dense. 
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks like it from Jerrys point of view. But either way Jr should never even be playing in the majors.

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