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Monday, May 10, 2010

Chris Carter NOW

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Frank Catalanotto's pathetic excuse for an at-bat Sunday was the worst in MLB history.

Seriously, the guy is batting .167 on the year with a .208 Slg% and .408 OPS.  He can't hit lefty's, he can't field, and he certainly can't pinch-hit.

How bad are Cat's stats as a Met?  ESPN's picture of him shows him in a Ranger hat with a big porn stache

He looks like a guy in the witness protection program, and maybe he should be.

Take one look in the minors and you see your answer:  Chris Carter.

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Is there any reason whatsoever to not make the move, and make it now?

At least Carter would give you a fighting chance as a pinch-hitter.  I am 100% positive that Cat would take a minor league assignment to try and get his swing together, so it's not like there's one ounce of downside to this.

Come on Omar--enough is enough!
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