NY Sports Dog: David Wright's K Rate Shows No Sign of Slowing Down

Sunday, May 30, 2010

David Wright's K Rate Shows No Sign of Slowing Down

The Mets have played 25 games in May, and David Wright has recorded at least one strikeout in all but 3, including 10 Ks in his last 8 games.

He is striking out in over 44% of his May at-bats, and his timing is still not close to what it once was.

Though many explanations have been offered for his spiral into the K abyss, I'm still of the belief that the beaning is at least partially to blame.

Click on the picture for David Wright's pre and post beaning K percentages
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CM said...

However, if you dig a little there might be a glimmer of hope. Prior to sitting against the Nats Wright had 55 SO in 173 PA (32%). In the 9 games since then, he has struck out 10 times in 38 PA (26%). This is still way above his pre-2009 norm (SO in 16% of his PA), but at least it is moving in the right direction. If he can stay on a 25-30 HR and 100 RBI pace, I could deal with anything below 23% (basically 1 SO/game).

Dave Singer said...

Good work CM, and I agree with you...I was really hopeful after the Nats series, and maybe something will click and he'll get back to being an 18-20% K rate guy.

CM said...

Thanks, Dave. The next 4 games could be telling for Mr. Wright. He is 8 -26 (4 SO, 5 BB) against today's starter, Randy Wolf. Against the Pads, the Mets face Kevin Correia, who Wright is 9-11 (2 HR, 2 SO; 2.455 OPS) against and then 2 lefties who don't strike a lot of guys out. Couldn't ask for a better stretch of pitchers for Wright to get "right" against...

Dave Singer said...

That would be a huge lift for him and the team...a nice little stretch of say, .330 BA with minimal Ks and a decent amount of walks.

He's due.

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