NY Sports Dog: Another Pin in the Jerry Manuel VooDoo Doll

Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Pin in the Jerry Manuel VooDoo Doll

For his handling of Johan Santana last night.


the Brooklyn Trolley Blogger said...

Even if Manuel was thinking it was just too early to do something concerning Johan, a visit at the very least? C'mon Jerry. The Phils batted around and still no visit. ...and if the collective velocity of this staff is down, I'm asking Dan Warthen for answers and I want to know what he's preaching. I knew what Peterson was about. I still don't know what Warthen is about. John Maine was allowed to ditch the plan. I say what plan?

Dave Singer said...

Exactly right....visit him, signal every member of the infield to visit, call timeout so you can check Luis Castillo's toe because he's "limping"...anything!

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