NY Sports Dog: Chip Hale Would Make a Great Interim Manager

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chip Hale Would Make a Great Interim Manager

All of the talk surrounding a potential replacement for embattled Mets Manager Jerry Manuel centers squarely on former Mariners and Diamondbacks skipper Bob Melvin.

I think this is unfortunate, as Melvin would be a change of face, but not a change of type.

Melvin is a tinkerer who had, and lost, two managerial jobs in a relatively short span of time.  Moreover, he is sub-.500 as a manager, and despite some success, his teams quickly floundered under his leadership.

In Melvin's first season as a MLB manager, he led the Mariners to a 93-69 record...and followed that with a 63-99 disaster and was dismissed.

He then went to the Diamondbacks, had two sub-.500 seasons, followed by 90 win and 82 win seasons, and was dismissed after starting the 2009 campaign 12-17.

Melvin took his teams to the playoffs a grand total of one time, in 2007, and they were swept by the Rockies in 4 games.

It's not exactly a proud record of consistent success.

Which brings us to another line of thinking....why not give Chip Hale a chance?

Chip Hale is the Mets current third base coach and has 6 years of minor league managerial experience under his belt and led his team to the Pacific Coast League championship in 2006 before receiving the call to become a major league coach.

He is a baseball guy, a thoughtful person, and he has quickly gained the respect of the players on the team.

Though I am usually against the "interim" tag, I believe this year it's warranted.  The Mets are on the cusp of losing their season, and making a change at the top is the first step in righting this ship.

Chip Hale would have three quarters of a season to make his case, and I personally believe he would demonstrate to all that he is worthy of the position long-term.

Chip Hale Year-By-Year Minor League Managerial Record

Year Team League Record Finish Organization Playoffs
2000 Missoula Osprey Pioneer League 44-32 2nd Arizona Diamondbacks
2001 Missoula Osprey Pioneer League 52-24 2nd Arizona Diamondbacks Lost in 1st round
2002 El Paso Diablos Texas League 76-62 2nd Arizona Diamondbacks

2004 Tucson Sidewinders Pacific Coast League 74-70 7th Arizona Diamondbacks
2005 Tucson Sidewinders Pacific Coast League 68-76 11th (t) Arizona Diamondbacks
2006 Tucson Sidewinders Pacific Coast League 91-53 1st Arizona Diamondbacks League Champs
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MikeK said...

Sign me up!

Greg said...

I think if we are going to 'interim' anybody, it's gotta be Oberkfell. He knows these players, many of whom he has coached at AAA, he is well respected, loved and has been successful at every level he has coached. If they continue to pass over Obie for outside guys I'm gonna scream.

Dave Singer said...

Greg--I agree that Oberkfell has a lot of experience with many of the players, but his managerial record is not very good.

I do agree with you, however, that he is on the candidate list.

Please don't scream!

the Brooklyn Trolley Blogger said...

Now that's a fresh name! Nice.

jersey girl said...

Chip Hale would be an excellent choice....love, love, love this idea!!!

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