NY Sports Dog: Mets Cap Off Amazing Comeback Win

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mets Cap Off Amazing Comeback Win

In what was the game of the year thus far, the Mets came back to beat the Nationals 8 to 6 in Citi Field.

The game started off poorly for the Mets, with Jonathan Niese giving up a three-run blast to Adam Dunn to put his team behind.

The Mets had plenty of chances to score early, but double play after double play killed the rallies, and the Mets were behind 6-2 in the bottom of the 8th.At one point in the game the Mets were 1 for 12 with runners in scoring position.

Yes, it was that bad.

And then the magic happened...

12 men came to the plate, and 6 scored.

The New and Improved Rod Barajas, "Now with even more A-Has!" double off the leftfield wall to tie the game at 6.

After a beautiful bunt single by Alex Cora, the newest Met, Chris Carter, stroked a line drive single to right to give the Mets the lead.  Jason Bay walked with the bases loaded to give the Mets their 8th and final run.

Frankie Rodriguez came on to close it in the 9th, and after getting two quick outs, the magic of Ike "Money" Davis resurfaced for the third time.

Davis made another unbelievable catch by diving into the dugout and flipping over as he was caught by a half dozen teammates, coaches and trainers.

After the first two of these spectacular plays, the bench now stands ready anytime Ike approaches.  The young first baseman is more acrobatic than a 4 foot 6 female Chinese gymnast, and he once again stuck the landing to take home the gold medal.

It was just a terrific comeback all around, and we saw solid, and much needed, hitting from Jason Bay and David Wright.

The Mets play the Nats tomorrow afternoon to finish the series.
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