NY Sports Dog: My Thoughts on Ollie Yesterday

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Thoughts on Ollie Yesterday

He heard "Mother" loud and often, and the word that followed was not "Day".

After his performance he said "that will never happen again"...thankfully we've never heard that before...oh wait.

A kid with Lincecum's hair and Ollie's beard would be a mother's worst nightmare...especially if he had Ollie's control.

Ollie would have helped the Mets more by donning a jumper and grabbing a pointy stick and a bag between innings on trash duty.  Instead he added to the garbage with his arm.

If Ollie's mother, Olivia Perez, threw out the first pitch yesterday, she would have walked the official scorer.

He was the opposite of Dallas Braden...not only with his command--he also encourages the opposition to walk on his mound.

Keith Hernandez said Ollie was choking the ball...he does choke the ball, and the rest of us gag while watching him do so.
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