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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blog You Should Follow: My NY Mets Journal

Friends and fellow Mets fans, I want to introduce you to a blog you should certainly follow closely as it is unique in the blogosphere.

My NY Mets Journal

It's the creation of noted artist Joe Petruccio, who has a long list of accomplishments in the art world, including a relationship with many famous artists and musicians.  Moreover, he is the official artist of Graceland--that is big time.  His work on Frank Sinatra and Elvis is superb.

Throughout the season Joe is creating a piece after each Mets game that encapsulates the game, the key moments, and the feelings of the fan.

I encourage you to go to his site each day, and in the off-chance you forget, Joe has also granted me permission to post some of his pictures.

Thanks Joe for creating something very special for Mets fans...you're a treasure.
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