NY Sports Dog: Jerry Manuel's Top 20 Mistakes of 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jerry Manuel's Top 20 Mistakes of 2010

We're 5 weeks into the season, and Mets manager Jerry Manuel has already made 20 enormous mistakes that make you shake your head in wonder.

Credit to Mets Refugees for compiling these...I truthfully don't know whether to laugh or cry.

For each mistake, Jerry gets another pin, and at this rate, he will look like a porcupine by 1 June.
  1. Refuses to set a lineup based on OBP, Slg, OPS to maximize production
  2. Double-switched his best hitter, David Wright, in extra-innings so that his emergency catcher and pinch hitter, Fernando Tatis, would remain available in the off-chance Rod Barajas got hurt
  3. Insistence on starting GMJ to "get him going" with pitiful results
  4. Assigning a permanent batting slot for the 2nd baseman(batting 2nd) 
  5. Frank Catalanatto hitting cleanup
  6. Changing pitchers for L/R matchups before the pinch-hitters are announced into the game-- twice in one inning (see: the St. Louis Grand Slam loss)
  7. Batting GMJ leadoff
  8. Batting Tatis ahead of Frenchy Sunday night
  9. Using Feliciano on Sunday night down 10 which led to him being 4 days in a row and perhaps indirectly to Cabreras HR
  10. Warming up Feliciano on Friday night with an 8-1 lead in the 9th
  11. Warming up his closer 10 times in an extra inning game
  12. Jacobs hitting cleanup
  13. Telling Francessa that Takahashi couldn't come in to the Sunday night Phillies massacre earlier b/c he was taking a dump
  14. Not using a Mejia in extra innings against a lineup with only one good LHB
  15. Fernando Nieve: Every. Effing. Day
  16. Putting in Mejia against a lefty then pulling him after a walk and bringing in Pedro against a righty
  17. Taking Jose Reyes Out of the Leadoff Spot
  18. Jerry's refusal to move Bay out of the cleanup spot
  19. Having Castillo bunt against a position player pitching
  20. Said Pelfrey couldn't start 3 days after getting the save because his arm may be tired out...then goes on to start him
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nelsonc said...

21. Using Fernando Tatis as the Pinch Runner while Alex Cora is the Pinch Hitter during Runners In Scoring Position.

SJNJfan said...

How about "resting" some of your more productive players in a rubber game with an off day the next day.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget he pinch hit for Blanco with Catalonotto, only to replace FCat with Barajas in the *next half inning*.

Dave Singer said...

Nice...definitely 21, 22, and 23 right there guys.

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