NY Sports Dog: Wags Nets Two, But Who?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wags Nets Two, But Who?

Word on the street is that the Mets will get two AA prospects from the Red Sox now that Billy Wagner has agreed to the trade. That alone is enough to keep hope alive as the Sox have a load of talent right now in AA, but again, that both guys will come from AA is just rumor.

Previously I had written that the one player the Mets should pursue from the Red Sox was Anthony Rizzo, but from the sounds of it, Rizzo will not be one of the two as he is in High A ball.

Another name being bandied about is pitcher Felix Doubront, who has very, very good stuff but has not excelled in his development in the way that says, "can't miss." He is in AA and would immediately upgrade our farm system.

So we'll be left to wonder--at least for a little while, on who from this list the Mets get in return.

# Name Pos Bat Thw Ht Wt DOB Status MLB 40-man

Travis BeazleyPRR6' 0"17506-17-19837-day DLNo
13Bryson CoxPRR6' 4"20508-10-1984ActiveNo
28Andrew DobiesPLL6' 1"18004-20-1983ActiveNo
25Felix DoubrontPLL6' 2"16510-23-1987ActiveYes
18Kason GabbardPLL6' 3"20004-08-19827-day DLNo
19Tommy HottovyPLL6' 1"19507-09-1981ActiveNo
35Kris JohnsonPLL6' 4"17010-14-1984ActiveNo
34Ryne LawsonPLR6' 2"18006-21-1985ActiveNo
26Richard LentzPRR6' 2"21008-06-1984ActiveNo
18Derrick LoopPRL6' 3"22012-11-1983ActiveNo
45Blake MaxwellPRR6' 5"25508-01-1984ActiveNo
33Ryne MillerPRR6' 4"23009-25-1985ActiveNo
39Jarod PlummerPRR6' 5"20001-27-19847-day DLNo
36Chris ProvincePRR6' 3"22001-20-1985ActiveNo
15Chad RhoadesPRR5' 10"17503-10-1983ActiveNo

# Name Pos Bat Thw Ht Wt DOB Status MLB 40-man
30Juan ApodacaCRR5' 11"18007-15-1986ActiveNo
23Luis ExpositoCRR6' 3"21001-20-1987ActiveNo

# Name Pos Bat Thw Ht Wt DOB Status MLB 40-man
21Lars Anderson1BLL6' 4"21509-25-1987ActiveNo
40Jorge Jimenez3BLR6' 1"21009-12-1984ActiveNo
2Ryan Khoury2BRR5' 10"18003-19-1984ActiveNo
5Yamaico NavarroSSRR5' 11"17010-31-1987ActiveNo
37Jon StillDHRR6' 2"21011-16-1984ActiveNo
17Iggy Suarez2BRR5' 11"16505-03-1981ActiveNo

# Name Pos Bat Thw Ht Wt DOB Status MLB 40-man
31Reid EngelRFLR6' 3"19005-07-19877-day DLNo
32Ryan KalishLFLL6' 1"20503-28-1988ActiveNo
43Daniel NavaRFSL5' 10"20002-22-1983ActiveNo
44Jason PlaceLFRR6' 3"20505-08-1988ActiveNo
12Matt SheelyRFRR5' 9"16008-30-1986ActiveNo

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