NY Sports Dog: Top Five Things Left to Root For in 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Top Five Things Left to Root For in 2009

Take heart fellow Mets fans, with almost seven weeks of baseball left, there are still a bunch things to root for besides a miracle playoff run.

  1. David Wright to 40 doubles. He is currently at 30, and as I wrote here, with a 5th consecutive 40 double season, DW joins some rare company and inches his way toward the major league record of seven consecutive 40+ double seasons in a row.

  2. 20 wins for Santana. He is currently at 13 wins and will make 10, and possibly 11, more starts in 2009. Go back through his game log, and it's clear he should have at least 16 wins right now. That said, 20 is within his reach, and his career splits show he is truly the best second half pitcher this side of Roy Oswalt.

  3. A .300 season for Luis Castillo. He is currently at .297. Yes it's trivial in the grand scheme of things, but don't you feel a little compassion for Luis? He's had a wild ride during his tenure as a Met, and after the drop at Yankee stadium he could have crawled in a hole and went away mentally. Instead he came back with aplomb and has worked his tail off.

  4. The Carlos Delgado farewell tour. I recently wrote that when Delgado gets back, Murphy should still play. I've had some time to re-think that statement and believe Delgado should play every day if able. Murphy has the following OBP numbers by month in 2009: .373, .278, .298, .323, .308. Those are brutal--actually, they downright suck. Moreover he has a .378 Slg % on the year--pathetic for a first baseman. Bottom line is it will be a heck of a lot more fun to watch Delgado for 6 weeks, and the fans deserve it.

  5. The continuing improvement of Oliver Perez. About two weeks ago I wrote that Ollie was about to break out, and after his last outing it sure looks like he has done just that. In his last 6 outings he has given up 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1 earned runs. Yes, there were some walk issues in a few of those starts, but the stuff is back. He will be a blast to watch in his remaining 10 starts. For an interesting look at Ollie's release point, please visit my friends over at Mets Today.

There are more areas of interest--the September call-ups, Beltran possibly coming back (I think we are all advising against this), the chance to play spoiler against the Phillies, etc.

The whole point is that though the potential for the playoffs is basically gone, we all still watch the games....it's what us Met fans do....I say let's have some fun with the remaining games.

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Anonymous said...

No offense, but no way should Delgado play just to give the fans something to root for. You think the fans care that Delgado is in there and will hit a little bit? For the future it means nothing. You have to see Murph play everyday and get the lumps out of the way now, rather than next year. Using that theory, they might as well sign Bonds just for the fun of it. No one at this point coming back is going to make us fans want to watch intently each game. Its over

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the above poster. Murph has had so much playing time this season, and on most other teams his numbers would mot be sufficient enough to continue batting 4th and playing 1B. I'd love to see Delgado come back and give something to the fans during his final season as a Met. The author of this blog is correct, it gives us something positive to root for, rather than continuing to complain about the utter lack of power in this lineup.

Ceetar said...

You forget about how horrible Manuel has treated Murphy with regards to position and playing time this season. Now that he's starting every day, he does seem to show some signs of life. Let's let him ride that out, and really see what we've got in him.

That's unlikely though, as Delgado _will_ get playing time. And Murphy, like many 'rookies', isn't accustomed to playing off the bench.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the Mets play whoever needs to be played. I think we know who Daniel Murphy is. If showcasing Delgado or Wagner helps us get prospects in a trade. Do it. Whatever helps us in 2010.

Dave Singer said...

It all comes down to being talent evaluators at this point....BUT...give the fans a little fun too.

Let's see Johan win 20...get Delgado back--Putz and Wags too if able...watch DW get his 40 doubles and maybe win a batting title.

Let's have some damn fun...I'm tired of feeling like crap about the Mets--we've had losing seasons before, but we used to have more fun than this as fans.

Anonymous said...

Here's something else to root for: Contraction. Maybe the Mets will just go away and we can all pick new teams to root for. Im thinking about the Devil Rays. Now thats a team.

Dave Singer said...

I like it....we'll call you Devil Ray Charlie, and you can lead the contingent of those wearing blackrimmed glasses and doing the "Way to go Joe" chant.

Anonymous said...

The #1 thing I am rooting for is for Mets to finish with one of the 15 worse records in MLB. This way, they cannot loose their draft pick if they sign a top free agent.

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