NY Sports Dog: Putz or Wagner in 2010?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Putz or Wagner in 2010?

OK Mets fans, you have two setup guys here that want to close.

Each costs approx $8M in 2010 (Wags is a hair cheaper).

Who do you keep, and why?

For my money the call is easy: Keep Putz.

He's younger, his stuff "can be" better, and I just have the sneaking suspician that Wags is one bullpen warmpup toss away from being totally done.

That said, Wags looked great last night, and he is a lefty.
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Dylan said...

Everyone is asking, "who should the met's choose" when really it's just not that simple. Wagner isn't going to pitch on a team where he can't be the closer next year. Plain and simple. Especially if he shows that he still has great stuff, like he did last night.

Anonymous said...

Both. If this year is any lesson at all, it that you NEED depth

Dave Singer said...

I believe the Mets have an option on both players, which does allow them to choose.

Anonymous said...

Neither. Did you forget that someone "Madoff" with the Wilpons' money? Look at the scrap heap for a setup man. Try Danys Baez, Fernando Rodney, Ron Mahay or whatever else can be bought with the $500K that was saved by releasing Livan.

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