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Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's Official: We've Seen Everything

The Mets lost on an unassisted triple play to end the game.

The 15th unassisted triple play in major league HISTORY...yes, and of course it happens against the 2009 Mets.

Angel Pagan led off the 9th by slashing one through the legs of Ryan Howard and racing to third. He scored when Phils backup second baseman Eric Bruntlett botched Luis Castillo's grounder.

Suddenly we had a game--after being down 3 in the 9th, 2 errors and a hit led to a run, and suddenly there were men on 1st and second with Jeff Francoeur at the plate.

And then IT happened....

Jerry sent the runners, Francoeur hit a bullet right to Eric Bruntlett, who was moving to second to cover...he steps on the bag to get Luis Castillo and tagged Daniel Murphy, who was right in front of him.

It felt like Referee Mills Lane counting out the Mets...

ONE, TWO, THREE....y'er out!

We've officially seen everything now.

Here's the video of Buntlett's unassisted triple play.

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Berger said...

Unbelievable...I was torn between feeling lucky to see such a real play, shock at what just happened, and sheer anger.

sherifffruitfly said...

Thanks to whoever for the ninja vid.

I hate people who try to pull down important things like this, preventing the public from seeing them.

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