NY Sports Dog: When is the 1979 Team Celebration?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

When is the 1979 Team Celebration?

This Saturday the Mets will celebrate the historic 1969 World Series champs.

What I want to know is when will they celebrate the 1979 team, for this year's Mets surely resemble that bunch of misfits much more than our revered 1969'ers.

1979...yup, 30 years ago. You remember that time...hostages, run away inflation, post-Vietnam, crappy technology...the Mets.

Yes, the Mets....1979 was probably the worst year in team history....until perhaps now.

It down right sucked...maybe not as much as the then new Commodore Vic-20, but it sucked. You see the Commodore Vic-20 was "less than $300" according to William Shatner, who was on hiatus from his "spoken word tour". It also featured something called "Gorp".

How bad was that computer? Well, in comparison to the 1979 Mets it was actually pretty damned awesome.

You see the 1979 Mets were last, or next to last, in everything.

12th out of 12th in attendance.

At 63-99, they had the worst record in the National League.

They scored the second fewest runs in the league.

Joel Youngblood led the team in HRs with 16.

Craig Swan, Pat Zachry, Wayne Twitchell and Roy Lee Jackson were the only players on the entire roster to have winning records.

Swan went 14-13
Pat Zachry went 5-1
Wayne Twitchell went 5-3
Roy Lee Jackson went 1-0

Thankfully they had Pete Falcone going 6-14 to offset all that pitching prowess.

Skip Lockwwod led the team in saves with 9.

And yes, the team featured none other than Tim Foli.

"Hey Tim, do they make those jackets for men?"

So my friends, as the end of the season grows near and you find yourself with an urge to scream about the 2009 club, I ask you this: please remember our history.

It will make you feel better....I promise.

I am really looking forward to seeing all those great 1979 Mets on the field for their big celebration--just as 30 years from now we'll celebrate this 2009 bunch when Omir Santos hobbles out to home plate with a beer gut and a gray beard to a huge standing ovation.
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Pete said...

Thanks, I needed that! LOL!

kranepool society said...

Dave that post says it all, The 1979 Mets are who we REALLY are!

Dave Singer said...

I actually have fond memories of that 1979 team....sigh.

John Roache said...

Dave, I actually have a 1979 Mets signed team ball that includes an authentic Sergio Ferrer!

Dave Singer said...

Didn't Sergio Ferrer go on to have a long successful career as a cruise ship lounge singer?

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