NY Sports Dog: Billy Wagner Makes an Interesting Decision

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Billy Wagner Makes an Interesting Decision

I'm not sure quite what to make of Billy Wagner's reported decision to invoke his no-trade clause after being picked up on waivers by the Boston Red Sox.

At 38-years old, he expressed his desire to pitch for a winner, like the Red Sox.

He's never been to a World Series, the Sox have won two in the last 5 years and were a game away from going again last year.

He has all sorts of other issues with the move--he doesn't want to be offered arbitration, he doesn't want to be overused, he wants to close next year, and on and on.

So here's the deal:

  • The Mets will not make the post-season this year
  • The Mets will use him
  • The Mets will offer him arbitration
  • He will not close for the Mets next year
So if getting what he wants on all fronts were the conditions for waiving his no-trade clause, he truly made a mistake.

I know Billy has a lot of pride and enjoys nothing more than sticking his middle finger up to the man, but this type of self-destructive behavior is a bit over the top.

Look, I'm very happy to have a healthy Billy Wagner on the Mets next year for $8M--or at worst, he tests the FA waters and gives us a draft pick.

Anyway, for a guy that professed his desire to "pay back" the Wilpons for the big contract he got, he sure has a funny way of saying thanks.
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