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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Interesting Baseball Developments

I've been so focused on the Mets woes that I've almost forgotten about the rest of the league.

For instance:

With 175 hits already, Ichiro is on pace for 245....this will mark the 9th consecutive season that he has 200 hits or more, a new baseball record (currently shares the record with Wee Willie Keeler). Pete Rose had the most 200+ hit seasons with 10, and Ichiro is very likely to break that as well in 2 years.

Joe Mauer is making a run at .400. He is currently batting .380 and has raised his average from .353 to .380 in his last 14 games with a stellar .476 batting average in August.

The amazing Albert Pujols is almost on pace for a 50 HR and 150 RBI season. This would be the first 150 RBI season in the National League since Sammy Sosa did it in 2001.

Brian Roberts is on pace for an eye-popping 62 doubles (yes, my eyes just literally popped out of their sockets). The all-time single season doubles record is 67, and we haven't seen a player have 60 in a season since 1936!

The incomparable Tim Lincecum has a good shot at 300 Ks. There have been sixty-three 300 K seasons in baseball history and none since 2004. By the way, Lincecum is making $650K this year.

Of course there are some great pennant races as well, and the Mets can play a spoiler role.

Bottom line is it's past time to remember that we are baseball fans too.

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1 comment:

BMetz said...

Great stuff as always.

Also loved the "David Wright's Shirt" piece, and laughed hard at your "Dan Quayle vs Jeff Francoeur" article from a few days ago...hilarious!

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