NY Sports Dog: First Cain Beans Wright, then He Acts Like a Punk

Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Cain Beans Wright, then He Acts Like a Punk

Matt Cain just pulled a punk move.

After Hitting David Wright in the head he settled in and pitched a very solid game.

Then in the 8th, he gave up a run on two hits, and Giants Manager Bruce Bochy pulled him from the game.

As the Citi Field faithful gave him a mild booing on his way out (for obvious reasons), Cain decided to tip his cap....a little "FU" to the fans.

I've always though highly of Matt Cain, but that was a punk move.

The Fox broadcasters, Thom Brennaman and Mark Grace, were incredulous and really gave it to Cain with both barrels.

Mark Grace said, "David Wright is in the hospital right now, and that tip of the cap just told everyone that you (Matt Cain) don't care one bit. Something tells me he is going to look back on that with a lot of regret."

Here is the video of David Wright getting hit:

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Anonymous said...

He shouldn't have tipped his cap, but I guarantee you he felt bad about hitting Wright.

The tip of the cap was obviously out of frustration; he just got pulled from the game. The crowd is booing him, and he saw Sandoval get thrown at and Molina get hit by a pitch - something he was responsible for.

Dave Singer said...

I totally agree....up until the cap tip I was actually feeling bad for Cain.

eff him!

Anonymous said...

Cain tipped his cap for a large number of Giants fans cheering for him as he walked off the field. Same as Molina when he ran back to the dugout after his walk-off HR, he raised his arms toward the Giants fans and family members. So know the facts first.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I didn't mean a "walk-off".
That's how I found your blog, googled "mark grace" "matt cain" comment. I knew Mark Grace's mis-information would be picked up by ignorant people like yourself.
So long.

Dave Singer said...

You're wrong--Matt Cain didn't tip his cap to Giants fans in the crowd--he said as much himself today.

When asked why he tipped his cap he said, "It's NY"...meaning, "eff you" and "NY'ers are rude, so I'll be rude too."

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