NY Sports Dog: Done in by a Chicken Bone?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Done in by a Chicken Bone?

Oh evil spirits, why are you doing this?

Oh mighty one, please forgive us our sins, and let the players play the games.

How can we make amends?

Can we ply you with chicken bones? Perhaps rub some antelope grease on our helmets? Bury a dead warthog under Omar Minaya's office?

Just tell us please!

The List

  • Jose Reyes
  • Carlos Beltran
  • Ryan Church
  • Carlos Delgado
  • John Maine
  • Oliver Perez
  • Angel Pagan
  • Jon Niese
  • Luis Castillo
  • Gary Sheffield
  • J.J. Putz
  • Billy Wagner
  • Ramon Martinez
  • Fernando Nieve
  • Fernando Martinez
  • Tim Redding
  • Brian Schneider
  • Alex Cora
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1 comment:

Ed Leyro said...

No one will be able to make me think otherwise, but the Citi Kitty that ran behind David Wright in the on-deck circle on Opening Night at Citi Field is responsible for all the maladies and tragedies on this team. If there hadn't been a kitty, we wouldn't be feeling this pity.

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