NY Sports Dog: Lose the Beards, Take the Cannoli

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lose the Beards, Take the Cannoli

Bad news/good news--you decide.

  • 57 games left
  • 10 games out of first
  • 8 games out of the wildcard
  • 8 teams to leap to make the playoffs
Bad news first: It's over, officially and unequivocally over. No news here, but in my mind, last night's game was the end of playoff hope, but not the end of hope. I'll talk more about that later.

Like you I was holding out hope for a miracle run to October, but it's not happening.

After the recent 5-game winning streak it looked like the Mets were going to creep back into this thing. Get to September 3 or 4 games back and in the hunt.

But the horses are just not there.

That said, the Mets are going to get "pretty healthy" by the end of August, and they will more than likely play some very good baseball down the stretch.

It will leave us all wondering what could have been and hopeful for 2010, which is good news.

So my recommendations to the Mets are as follows--keep fighting, have fun, and as the doctors say, "do no harm."

Get Delgado back, but face the fact that he is gone, and don't give up playing time to Murphy for Delgado. Carlos will not like this--he's worked hard to get back, but Murphy is the player that will be here next year. Get him some starts and some pinch-hitting at-bats, but let Murphy play.

Give Beltran another week of this effort he has going to get back--then have him re-evaluated and make a CORRECT medical decision. If there's any chance he can hurt himself by going full speed, shut him down and let him continue exercising and focusing on next season.

Get Wagner back and throw the crap out of him. He is worth evaluating for the chance to come back next year, even if he's not likely to be a Met.

JJ Putz--see above--he might be a Met in 2010.

Jose Reyes, for all intents and purposes, should be shut down now. Send him to Switzerland or Japan or wherever the VERY best doctors are to figure this out.

Give David Wright some days off....not a lot, but a few....he's worked his tail off this year, and he's responded well to rest.

Go very easy on KRod and keep him strong for 2010.

Same with Johan.

Have Pelfrey and Ollie work on what they need to fix, even at the expense of wins...I want to see more fastballs from Pelfrey and more breaking pitches from Ollie.

Tell Jeff Francoeur that he is not allowed to swing at a first pitch for the rest of the year--I'm serious--tell him that for the next 50+ games, he will not swing at a first pitch--ever. He needs to have more discipline, and this is one way to learn to watch a pitch to the glove knowing he can't offer at it. Focus on spin, location, release point, etc....anything but swinging. I'd actually like to see Francoeur back next year with a one year deal plus club option.

Pitch Livan until his arm falls off--no more 80 pitch efforts and a pinch hitter in the 6th--just let the man complete every game he starts.

And last of all--have some damn fun!
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