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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jerry Manuel Fails Baseball 101

I read with a chuckle how Jerry Manuel ripped his players after last night's disappointing loss. Jerry got on Angel Pagan for misplaying a Doug Davis line drive into a 2 run triple. He ripped Daniel Murphy for venturing too far off the bag on a potential double play ball. He also finally decided tonight to give David Wright his second day off of the year.

Jerry--look in the damn mirror. Who the hell intentionally walks the #8 hitter in the second inning of a game?

That incredibly bad decision set the tone for the entire game.

Augie Ojeda has a .328 slugging percentage on the season, yet you deemed him such a threat that he needed to be walked--in the second inning!

I'm all for this type of maneuvering later in a game where it could force the opposing manager to go to a pinch-hitter, but walking the #8 hitter in the second inning is just stupid.

You're telling your starter he can't get out Augie Ojeda.

Then, if that wasn't enough, you went back to the intentional walk again in the 5th inning.

At this point it was a 4-2 game, with one out and a man on second. Up comes Mark Reynolds--you know, the guy that has 151 strikeouts on the year.

Now is Reynolds an excellent power hitter? Yes, he certainly is. But again, it's a 2 run game in the 5th inning, and you have a strikeout king at the plate.

We now go to the seventh inning--it's 5-2 Diamondbacks, and who do you bring in to releieve?

38-year old journeyman Elmer Dessens.

Yes, in a 3 run tight game, in Arizona, you opt for Elmer Dessens to keep you in the game.

Never mind that your bullpen, with the exception of Frankie Rodriguez, had the day off on Sunday because of Johan.

Never mind that Pedro Feliciano has only pitched one third of an inning since August 4th.

No, let's go with Elmer freakin Dessens here.


Moreover, when Oeltjen, a lefty, was announced as the pinch-hitter you could have automatically went to Feliciano, especially since Manny Parra, another lefty, was to follow.

So you could have had Feliciano face back to back lefty's. And oh by the way, after Parra was Reynolds, a righty, followed by Montero, another lefty.

So that was three out of four lefty's due up but you stuck with Dessens, who lefty's have hit for a .309 batting average in his career.


After the 8th it was 7-2, and the Mets 9th inning comeback wasn't enough.

So sure Jerry, rip on the players for their effort....I'll rip on you for your brain's lack of effort.

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Mark said...

Team fail, Jerry fail, season fail.

Anonymous said...


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