NY Sports Dog: Several Mets Bloggers Added to the Injured List

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Several Mets Bloggers Added to the Injured List

In what can only be described as a fitting continuation to a truly bizarre season, several Mets bloggers have recently gone down with injury.

Joe Janish of Mets Today lost a pinky in a freak typing incident while writing a story involving Jerry Manuel, on-base percentage, and Daniel Murphy's hip pivot--Joe's been outfitted with a specially designed keyboard and is listed as day-to-day.

Zoe Rice of Pick Me Up Some Mets fell off a step ladder taking down an Oliver Perez poster and has been diagnosed with "tendonosis" of her wrist. She's been put on an aggressive butter churner regiment to help her get back to full strength as quickly as possible.

Metstradamus entered into a state of total lethargy while updating his blog's hate list--he was last seen muttering "all of them" over and over again while wearing a custom made Felix Millan faux mustache--he is out for the year pending "further tests".

Matt Cerrone of Metsblog skipped a start due to losing his ability to "sense" what is going on with the Mets. After a 3-hour break from Mets blogging, Matt is back and convinced he can once again "sense" in the manner his readers have become accustomed to. Click here for an example of Matt's superhuman sensing skills.

Steve Keane of The Eddie Kranepool Society strained his groin chasing a man he thought was Tim Foli down the mean streets of Brooklyn. He's apparently had some history with Foli and wanted his revenge. Keane has been given a preliminary "Jose Reyes Diagnosis" and is expected to miss 2 to 36 weeks.

Mack of Mack's Mets is not injured, but he is taking some personal time to follow Lance Broadway around for the rest of the season in hopes that he can line up a gig to become Broadway's biographer or butler.

I wish all of my friends a very speedy recovery.

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Zoe said...

hey now, aggressive butter churning! not sure i'm that kinda girl ;-)

Dave Singer said...

It worked for ARod!

Philly Sucks said...

Please take David Wright off your Mount Metsmore. The guy really hasn't earned a place there, and I don't care if he is the current face of the team.

Dave Singer said...

Thanks for the input....after very careful consideration, a caucus with my advisers, and a personal sensing sessions, we've decided to heed your advice and not care if David Wright is the current face of the team.

As for the graphic, he is staying.

Mack said...

Not that there's anythng wrong with it....

kranepool said...

If I'm going to strain my groin it won't be chasing Crazy Horse Foli, Jeniffer Anison yes but Foli no.

And just the thought of Jen nursing my groin back to health is heavenly!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Singer said...

I can't get you Aniston....would you settle for Lance Broadway and a nice Chablis?

Ed Leyro said...

Yes, I'm not on the disabled list! Then again, I just got called up from the blogger minor leagues. Give it time. I'll be disabled soon.

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