NY Sports Dog: Name David Wright's Shirt

Monday, August 17, 2009

Name David Wright's Shirt

I'm not going to fully believe David Wright is 100% out of the woods until he answers about this shirt, which needs a name.

Here are a few:

  • Hip Hop 'aint Dead Yo, as Long as I Have this Shirt On
  • Take that Three Wolves Shirt!
  • My Big Fat Metrosexual Shirt
  • The "What Goes Well with a Yellow Watch" Shirt
  • This is your brain (egg), this is your brain on crack (cracked egg), this is my horrible fucking shirt
  • I borrowed this from Jose Reyes After our GQ Shoot
  • Cirque de Citi Field
  • Put on one of Erin Andrews Nightgowns by Mistake
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Dave Doyle said...


Susan said...

Does the shirt say "Demeter", as in the Greek goddess?

Assuming that that is in fact what is printed on the shirt, I have a few possible captions for the photo (if not a "name" for the shirt itself.)

1. "My daughter went to Hades and I followed her and all I got was this lousy shirt."

2. "Got Greek Gods/Goddesses?"

3. "Ever since David Wright's personal fashion consultant Jose Reyes went on the disabled list, the Mets third baseman has seemed "adrift" stylistically and has been seen in public wearing wardrobe choices that might best be described as 'regrettable'."

Dave Singer said...

LOL Susan!

How about:

"David Wright caught wearing one of Kevin Youkalis' hand me downs."

Susan said...

Fellow blogger Metsgrll found the shirt online (priced at $119) and from the larger photo that accompanied her tweet, I don't think the shirt says "Demeter". Still can't tell what it says, but I know I sure wouldn't pay over $20for it and, even then, I'm not sure I'd wear it in public!

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