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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Alpha-Omega: A First

Until someone tells me otherwise, I am saying that the Mets led off and ended the game in a way that has never occurred before, and will probably never happen again.

They led off the game with an inside-the-park homerun off the bat of Angel Pagan, and closed by falling victim to a triple play.

Now we know that today's game had the first unassisted triple play to end a game, but I'd also wager that we've never had a game start with an inside-the-park HR and end on a triple play.

Wackiest game ever!

Anyone that can prove to me that this has occurred before in a major league game wins a Mets related prize (it's a good one!).

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Bryce said...


4th time in like 50 years or something? watch the video.

Bryce said...

haha. so what's the prize?

Dave Singer said...

The video says that it was the 4th time an inside-the-park homerun and a triple play occurred in the same game.

The bet is that no team has led off a game with an inside-the-park HR and ended it on a triple play.

Keep digging!

(it is seriously an awesome prize)

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